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Hands down, Dr. Perkins is a captivating and innovative speaker! My life has transformed in the few weeks that I have applied the principles I learned to various situations. I have experienced increase in business ventures, new music opportunities and financial increase as a result. It is to this end, that I appreciate the practical step-by-step explanations and stories that help me to understand clearly how I need to respond to my life's issues. The magnitude of Dr. Perkins’ experience and incredible knowledge is unprecedented, which makes her a necessary and dynamic 21st Century trailblazer!


E. J. Adams

Musician, Psalmist, Recording Artist


After attending Dr. Perkins' session on finances, I can honestly say I received more than I had expected, although I had heard about her powerful message from previous attendees. She was very knowledgeable in the subject matter, of how to foster increase and  was also transparent and real about the challenges that she faced in times past. Her down-to-earth manner made her approachable between sessions as well. I am still reaping the benefits in my life as a result of her teaching.


Yolanda S.

CEO, Non-Profit Organization

Keisha Branch.jpg

I have learned so much in the weekly “Real Talk” classes. The wealth and inner healing aspects of the principles taught has moved me to a new level in life. When Dr. Perkins spoke words of affirmations over the class to receive unexpected finances, 3 days later I had an unexpected 5% increase in my paycheck! It excites me to continue to invite others to share in the experience that I enjoy from these practical life-changing teachings that Dr. Perkins delivers!

K. Branch

 Grants Administration

& DBE Officer